ČEZ, a. s. Licensor: AUSTRIAN ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT SGP/Waagner - Biro Gmbh, Rakousko Execution of contract with the Contractor: říjen 1995 Subject-matter of work: Complete flue gas desulphurization plant for two blocks of 110 MWe and one block 500 MWe in the Power Stations Mělník II and III Indicative budget price of the investment project: CZK 3 bilion Performance: 1998

The block of 500 MWe is the largest one in traditional coal power stations in the CR.

The task of J.P.M. INTERNATIONAL was very complex and included:

The technology which was chosen is the high-efficiency wet limestone method using limestone from the quarry Čertovy schody u Berouna. The output product is gypsum which is further processed in the neighbouring plant RIGIPS into building elements. Each block in the power station has its own absorber where flue gas is cleaned in the counterflow of fine slurry. Sulphure dioxide contained in flue gas reacts with limestone to produce calcium sulphite. The chemical reactions in absorber end in the transformation of calcium sulphite to calcium sulphate (gypsum) in the presence of blown oxidation air. Clean flue gas is heated in the REGAVO type of regeneration heaters to achieve an optimum diffusion from stack. Gypsum is dewatered in centrifuges to have a content of moisture necessary for its further commercial processing and briquetted. Waste process water is cleaned to have the parameters required for its discharge into the river Labe.

The benefit of the used technology is a reduction of the content of fly ash, chlorides and hydrogen fluoride which takes place together with the reduction of SO2.

During the ecologization measures a considerable attention was paid to the architectural design, colours, harmonization with the nature as well as extension of green areas within the power station.

The number of employees on site at the top time achieved 800.

The operation of the desulphurization plant is controlled by modern computer technology and requires a minimum maintenance personnel.

After the start of operation of the desulphurization plant the annual emissions of SO2 from the Power Stations Mělník II and III dropped from the initial 90,000 tons to 6,000 tons of SO2. The construction was evaluated as successful - the design parameters were achieved and the actual costs were lower than the budgeted ones. The official start of operation meant also the completion of the programme of desulphurization of traditional power stations of ČEZ; the ceremony was attended also by leading state representatives.