Annual design capacity of 250.000 tons Investor:

CHEMOPETROL, a. s. Licensor: BP / AMOCO CORPORATION - USA Execution of licence contract: August 1998 Contractor: FOSTER WHEELER ITALIANA S.p.A. Itálie Subject-matter of work: Complete polypropylene production unit with the annual design capacity of 250.000 tons Preparation of event: 1998-1999 Execution of contract with the Contractor: January 2000 Performance: 2000 - 2003

The project of construction of a new POLYPROPYLENE PRODUCTION UNIT is one of the pillars of the investment project "Intensification of Petrochemical Production Units of CHEMOPETROL, a.s.".

The central point of the project consisted in the construction of a new polypropylene production unit under the licence of BP AMOCO (U.S.A.) which would substantially increase the amount and spectrum of produced types of polypropylene by CHEMOPETROL, a.s..

The new unit with the annual capacity of 250,000 tons of polypropylene enabled CHEMOPETROL to replace the original polypropylene production unit (with the annual capacity of 115,000 t) which had been in operation from 1975 with a higher level of technology.

The test operation of the unit started in November 2002; CHEMOPETROL, a.s. accepted the unit for permanent operation on 17.2.2002 after the successful completion of guarantee tests.

The task of J.P.M. INTERNATIONAL included: